Together we are more!

Join us to develop possibilities of peer support and to provide information about trauma, dissociation and recovery.

The effects of traumatization on an individual’s life easily remain unrecognized.
The Finnish service system needs more professional and experiential knowledge of structural dissociation and the effects of trauma.

The Finnish Association for Trauma and Dissociation – Our Values:


We are working together with peers, professionals, and other associations to promote the availability of proper support. Pursuing a common cause supports recovery and makes you stronger. We encourage each other, providing one other with security and hope. 



We encourage openness about dissociative disorders – trauma is not our fault. We foster open discussion, avoid confrontation, and strive to reduce prejudice and stigma.   


We make a safe community. For us, diversity is an asset, and everyone is valuable. The association is politically and religiously independent and bound by its values and rules. Our operation is based on research and experience.


The Finnish Association for Trauma and Dissociation


  • to evolve into a national source of information for dissociative disorders
  • to promote recognition of dissociative disorders and access to proper help
  • to influence attitudes, encourage openness and reduce shame around traumatization


  • We have peer cafes gathering all around the country. Members can also join a peer group to share safely in a small group via email.
  • We cooperate with other mental health promoting organizations. We are experimenting with trauma-informed yoga to support recovery and with psychotherapeutic body and movement work.


  • Trauma is a psychological and emotional injury caused by an unbearable event or experience, i.e. unsafe childhood home or other conditions where no proper support and care are available.
  • Trauma affects life choices, emotions, behaviors, the autonomic nervous system and the experience of self, others and the world in general.
  • Dissociative disorder develops as a result of trauma and complicates everyday life in many ways. Please explore the publication Symptoms of Trauma and Dissociation available on our website.

Join us!

We are building safe togetherness. We learn from each other, support one another and sustain hope!
Trauma survivors and their families, professionals and anyone with interest is welcome to join as a member.

You can join by filling up an application for membership below.
The fee for actual membership is 20 € / year and for supporting membership 150 € / year.

The Finnish Association for Trauma and Dissociation is a member association of the Finnish Central Association for Mental Health (


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